Website & visual identity for the danish jewelry designer JuJu. wearjuju.dk

JuJu & wearJuJu


A website for Cornelia, who is an anthropologist and dancer, wich she combines by doing workshops with dancing and the cultural background of dances. shchersland.dk

Samba & anthropologie

SAS on point

The task, was to make an app idea and concept, helping SAS solve a communication problem, while using their already existing design manual. A school project in collaboration with students from Dmjx, Jonathan Jungløv, Nick Nørbo Andersen, Mathias Laurvig and Marek Andersson Piatek.

Nelson Mandela & South Africa

The task was to make a site with a South Africa and a Nelson Mandela part, to find an angle and a visual style, using storytelling. The site is like two big canvas' divided into little stories with text, video, illustrations and different interactive features. The Mandela part should feel like being there your self following his story towards freedom, fx can you move the picutere behind the jail bars, to get a feeling off being Nelson Mandela in jail. The south Africa part of the site is based on how South Africa was during apartheid compared to present time, what actually happened after the apairtheid? South Africa has a high rate of violence and the difference between rich and poor is still very high. So it is not without complications the change from apartheid to freedom has developed.

Core Architects

Rebranding of Core Architects and new visual identity, including a responsive website and print. The identy is based on the keywords, passion and courage, which is illustrated in the dynamic x-element with yellows colors (passion) vs (courage) the geometric clean typography in the logo.

Beer & Oysterbar

Logo design


An foldable menu for 'sticks´n´sushi', with a poster on the backside.

Stick and sushi poster

Stick and sushi menu


Animated logo designed in C4D and a designed signature sound, for a produktion company, 'Mirage'.


To research and interview a cobler and make a movie, based on the research. This cobler as very skilled and serviceminded, he took over the buisnes from his father, and i used to get my shoes fixed this place and he can fix everything, he really can rescue your favorit shoes. His shop lies in a part of copenhagen, where there is a great night life, close to the meat district, and close to Istedgade, famous for prostitutes, strip bars and nightlife with cocktail bars, venues and Copenhagen fashion week. We decided to make a movie about going out in your favorit stilettos, and how that needs a good cobler to save your shoes. This was a first year school assignement in cooperation with Helena Lundquist Photographic Communication

Showreel 2013

Showreel from 2013